Thursday, August 26, 2010

Monday, August 23, 2010

I'm Angry

About a month ago, I heard about Alan Hart for the first time.  He was an American doctor who helped to solve the problem of diagnosing and curing tuberculosis.  His work saved thousands of lives.  As it happens, he also wrote fiction.

The reason I'm angry is that Alan Hart was a transsexual. The reason I'm angry is that I never heard of him before.  The reason I'm angry is that on the rare occasions when we learn anything about trans people, they're always depicted as freaks, living ineffectual and unhappy lives (like Michael Dillon, whom I blogged about previously.)

The reason I'm angry is that I had to live my life, first in ignorance and then in shame.

Alan Hart lived from 1890 to 1962.  There is reason to believe that he was happy.  His professional life was certainly fulfilling.  He was married twice - the first marriage ended in divorce, the second marriage lasted 37 years (until his death.)

Maybe someday that will not be unheard of.