Monday, October 26, 2009

Alice Cooper

Recently I was reminiscing with some friends of mine about The Muppet Show.  Don't recall who brought up Alice Cooper -- it probably wasn't me -- but I said that seeing him on The Muppet Show rearranged my horizons.  I had been expecting someone like the Walt Disney version of Alice in Wonderland:  a blonde woman in a blue dress.  That's not who showed up.  Suddenly a lot more things seemed possible.

I've mentioned previously on this blog that I didn't have a label for myself as transgendered.  There was no word for it.  And of course there was no word for Mr. Alice either.  He never identified as trans (back then the word "transsexual" was more commonly used than "transgender") . . . he wore women's clothing occasionally but not consistently.  He was just doing his thing.  And maybe it was all an act . . . but he got out there and did it, and to this day he's still being Alice Cooper.  That is something.